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While their art might be the main attraction, 3MEW's music is also a force to be reckoned with. Their soundcloud page is a treasure trove of eclectic beats and trippy tunes that transport listeners to another world. But 3MEW's ambitions extend beyond art and music. They have a grand plan to build a biodome with the money they earn from their creations, ensuring a sustainable future for all. You can find 3MEW's clothing and other goods on society6, and trust us, you won't find anything else like it. Join the 3MEW revolution and witness the magic for yourself."

3MEW, the mysterious group of artists hailing from Iceland, have taken the art world by storm with their eclectic mix of mechanic and organic styles. With a penchant for graffiti, crazy drawings, and mind-bending animations, 3MEW's creations defy categorization and leave viewers in awe.

Their love for all things tech has led 3MEW to experiment with A.I bots, which they fill with their artwork and program with their own custom software. It's unclear where this group of renegades came from, but their impact on the art scene is impossible to ignore.


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